Female Hair Removal

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BIC disposable razors twin Lady 5


DIMPLES depilatory wax body double strips 8


DIMPLES hair bleach cream 40ml


DIMPLES hair remover spray foam lemon 200ml


DIMPLES hair remover spray foam rose 200ml


EPILCARE hair removing cream 100ml


EPILCARE hot wax facial hair remover 40g


EPILCARE leg wax strips 20


GIGI all purpose honee wax 14oz


GIGI brazilian bikini wax microwave kit 524g


GIGI brazilian hard wax 14oz


GIGI hair removal cream for face with calming balm 28g


GIGI microwavable brazilian bikini wax 8oz


GIGI multi purpose hair removal wax warmer kit 709g


GIGI no bump lotion 4oz

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